How to draw a palm tree: Awesome easy-to-use drawing tutorial 2021

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Welcome to how to draw a palm tree drawing tutorial!

Palm trees bring to mind the ocean, sand, and relaxing with a fruit-laden drink in hand. Easy drawing tutorials make things simple, so as you learn how to draw a palm tree we’ll keep the process fun and easy by using small, clear steps to create the shapes, forms, and edges of a finished palm tree drawing or sketch.

In this how to draw a palm tree tutorial, I’ll cover the basic shapes, forms, and lines of palm trees and all their parts, including the palm tree trunk and palm tree leaf. When we draw a palm tree, our beginning step is the same as any of my other “learn how to draw” tutorials: references!

First, we explore and study all the shapes and forms of every last thing that makes a palm tree look like a palm tree. Then, we construct the basic forms of a palm tree and practice drawing some palm tree silhouettes before moving on to step-by-step palm tree drawing tutorials, drawing in perspective, light and shadow, and more.

Let’s learn about palm trees!

Palms, including palm trees, are from the family Arecaceae. They are a family of flowering plants with several growth forms, all commonly known as palms.

Most palm species, characterized by large evergreen leaves called fronds, are found in tropical and subtropical environments.

As one of the best known and most cultivated plant families, palms show extensive diversity in physical characteristics that allow them to inhabit nearly every kind of habitat. Being so well cultivated means palms, from their wood to their fruits, have several uses in human society, including palm wood, carnauba wax, palm syrup, dates, oils, jelly, and coconut products.

Exploration and study: Discovering a palm tree’s basic shape

Shape breakouts and natural variations

How to draw a palm tree: form construction

How to draw a palm tree: Form dissection and interior studies

Palm tree silhouette

Easy steps palm tree drawing

How to draw a palm tree with silhouette, step-by-step tutorial

Palm tree drawing in Perspective

How to light a palm tree with realistic tones and cel-shading

More details and coloring of palm trees

How to draw a palm tree from Imagination!