About Me, CecelyV

Hi hi! My name is Cecely Valderrama. As an artist I go by CecelyV online–it sounds neat and it’s way shorter 😀

Most people call me Cecely and my tiny humans call me “mommy”, which is one of my favorite things in the world. I am a visual artist (mostly 2D right now), a wife, a mother, a book lover, anime fan, and gardener who’s not too bad in the kitchen. I am a maker and problem solver who believes in being thorough, thoughtful, kind, and professional. I’m neither young, nor old, and not quite yet middle-aged, and my art journey has been lovely in its own challenging and twisty way.

CecelyV at Lightbox Expo 2019

A Bit of My Story & Journey

I was one of those kids who made their homework and projects look pretty and colorful with decorative shapes, lettering, and stickers. I always drew pictures and did a lot of reading and writing, but I didn’t get “serious” until I took AP Art in high school. Since then I’ve been working to find my way and my balance with my two callings in life: art and motherhood. I built knowledge and skill a little bit at a time on my own with DVD courses, books, workshops, and conferences until I was finally able to attend The Gemini School for Arts & Communication in the Fall of 2015. In the middle of a pandemic life is challenging for all of us, but I think I’ve found my way and I want to share what I’ve learned here on my site to help others.

About Me CecelyV Graduation to Lightbox Expo

My Mission

It used to be really difficult to find the information I needed to learn and grow as an artist. When I decided to pursue art the internet was still quite young (still on dial-up), there was no wi-fi, and YouTube and online learning were not yet a thing (I am aging myself just a tad here, but that’s ok).

I know what it’s like to look, search, seek and come up empty on the substance of what you need to find. I decided while I was still at Gemini that I wanted do my best to be a guide and a bridge for others seeking knowledge. My mission is to share art knowledge, tips, and tutorials here to help you make your art, and to connect you with other resources that help propel you even further. Art is really huge, and I want to help make it feel more clear, digestible, and less daunting.

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Keep In Touch

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