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In this how-to-draw, we’re talking about how to draw a snake. At first glance, snakes look pretty simple. They may not have the most complex shapes and forms in their anatomy, but there’s plenty of drawing excitement in the natural variations of the snake species.

To learn how to draw a snake, I’ll share some references and go through my exploration and study phase to demonstrate how studying snake shapes, forms, and anatomy helps you create your own awesome snake drawings. Next, I’ll cover how to draw a snake step by step, followed by drawing snakes in perspective. Then, we’ll talk a bit about adding light and shadow to your snake drawing and use our references to explore the color and detail varieties in the snake species before sketching more snakes from imagination.

This will be a lot of fun, so I hope you’ll follow along and enjoy learning how to draw a snake with me!

Let’s learn about snakes!

We’ve all seen a snake at some point, right? They’re long, limbless, and covered in scales. They come in a staggering number of color and pattern combinations, and there are about 3,000 species of snakes. Snakes can eat prey much larger than their heads, allowing them to swallow their food whole–unless they’re venomous, in which case it’s fangs out first!

Snakes are found on every continent except Antarctica, and sea snakes are a real thing. Yikes! Thankfully for us humans, most snakes possessing venom use it to kill or subdue prey rather than for biting us when we unwittingly scare them. Most snakes aren’t venomous, which is a relief. The nonvenomous snakes swallow their prey alive or squeeze (constrict) it to death. We’re bigger than snakes…mostly…so, I think we’re okay. I hope.

Helpfully, when the weather turns too cold snakes go into brumation, during which they are awake but inactive. Obviously, snakes generally have a negative reputation, but they are wild animals with very sharp fangs and dangerous venom, sooo…I’m gonna say their reputation is probably deserved. There is a lot more we could learn about snakes, but for learning how to draw a snake we need to move on to studying its shapes, forms, and variations.

As dangerous as they are, snakes are still pretty cool and gnarly looking. That makes them fun to draw! Let’s get into our references and start exploring how to draw a snake.

Exploration and study: Snake drawing focused on shape and form

Shape breakouts and natural variations

How to draw a snake: form construction

How to draw a snake step-by-step tutorial

Snake drawing in Perspective

How to draw a snake with light and shadow

The Details and colors of snakes

How to draw a snake from Imagination!

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